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Thus, we will partially and largely hypothetically clarify the first position. But the main thing is the opportunity to rely the fundamental Oxymetholone pills of the history and philosophy of science, beyond which it Buy Anapolon online inappropriate to propose a scientific answer to such a global question, rather than to predict (see the article i and philosophy of sciencei of section I iThesaurus-Concepti) Postulating the need to rely on the history and philosophy of science, we cannot pass over several fundamental points related to the understanding of science and philosophy.

This unity in the consideration of the world and man through the prism of social representations, or rather, starting the teachings on the socio-ethical-political Order-Harmony-Law. In Greek philosophy, Indo-Chinese borrowings finally way to originality and originality only to the classical period, associated with the works of Plato and Aristotle.

Table 16 Plan for the preparation and conduct of a specific sociological study development of the plan and program of a specific sociological study, Buy Anavar pills preparation of Anadrol ends the preparatory phase and the transition to the field phase is carried out. During the implementation of the field phase of the study, various concrete sociological can be implemented depending on the assigned research tasks and the opportunities that sociologists Tamoxifen cycle for women in this particular field situation. Whatever they say about the most commonly used practice of sociological Anadrol 50mg pills, it would be most correct to start any study by obtaining and analyzing the opinions of competent (included) specialists.

Sociology is a scientific indicator of the degree of progressiveness or reactivity of Oxymetholone pills policy in terms of its social support.

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Further, in order to concretize this issue, Oxymetholone will use the development of the English sociologist E. Giddens, described in his book "Sociology".

Sociology of Sport The text of the book is provided by the copyright holder http:www.

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Apparently, the status of sectoral sociology is valid only for those sociological sections that, due to their novelty, experimental nature, and other reasons, have not yet become traditional and have not entered the list of topics and problems Oxymetholone pills general Oxymetholone. Then, Oxymetholone pills on the size and significance of the studied social objects, it is possible to distinguish mega- macro- microsociological levels of research. At the first level, a holistic social system is being studied.

Sociology of Sport Textbook for higher education institutions of physical education Foreword There is a certain historically and traditionally conditioned pattern of a not very clear division between philosophical analysis sociological research of Oxymetholone sphere of physical culture Halotestin tablets Buy Anapolon online. This pattern is very widely and actively implemented abroad and in Russia. So wide and active that, it would seem, one must come to terms with this as an indisputable fact.

5 Table 6 Substance development Continuation of the table. 6 Continuation of the table.

The socio-cultural nature of the program allows us to consider not only Anadrol 50mg pills intellectual and scientific determinants of knowledge, but also their socio-cultural context.

The second stage most often is a field study on the collection of sociological information, its processing and analysis. Buying legal Turinabol online Oxymetholone pills result, we get any sociological data and indicators that allow us to provide only theoretical calculations, but also practical recommendations. The third stage is associated with the construction of any theoretical models.

And here, by the way, is the primitive "key" to solving the problem of relative autonomy, immiscibility of philosophical and sociological knowledge. Philosophy Oxymetholone the mechanism of Oxymetholone Fluoxymesterone online rational-logical proof. Sociology is a mechanism of theoretical and empirical research of socio-ontological phenomena.

That is, the emphasis is placed not only on science as a self-sufficient education, but on its link with the religious, political, mythological, artistic, everyday sectors and especially with the philosophical theoretical Anadrol 50mg pills methodological core of Anadrol wider programmatic whole. In other words, the emphasis is on socio-cultural relations, which largely determine the content and ifacei of science itself, which is part of sociocultural programs as one of their sectors.

" Despite the above historical background of the origin of humanistic doctrine, it should be recognized that its main ideas were Mesterolone buy in UK the classical works Anadrol 50mg pills ancient Buy Anapolon online philosophers: Democritus, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle. It was then that a concrete and abstract version of anthropologism (the doctrine of the origin and essence of Man as the center of the Universe) was already determined.

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Based on this circumstance, using different theoretical, empirical, rational logical methods, one should be able to build or develop three main types of scientific theory: axiomatic, descriptive, hypothetical-deductive. Classical and non-classical science In relation to science (as well as to philosophy), the term "classical" means the following: - the presence or substantial completeness of all the basic features of a particular class, the multitude of epistemological objects under consideration Buy legal Dbol in Australia, integral blocks of knowledge); - the status the standard, Oxymetholone pills sample of scientific knowledge, confirmed Buy Anapolon online and substantively; - the general, broad, possibly mandatory applicability of these samples, models, matrices in analytical, research, educational practice of the entire scientific Oxymetholone community; - Testosterone Propionate cost existence over a long historical period as one of the main landmarks, regulators, regulating, unconditionally prescribing a certain image and order of the implementation of mental and material actions. But it is also possible to use the term iclassicali at the same time both in the sense of a proper name and in the sense of a common name.

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The science Science is a specific type of worldview, a special form of spiritual production, one of the most influential social institutions, in modern conditions it is also a powerful social force that can have a direct impact on the existence and change of society. As a specific type of worldview, orienting the subject of knowledge to the study of objective laws (universal, necessary, repeating, essential connections Primobolan Depot buy in Australia online relationships of the natural Buy Anavar pills of nature and society, well as Oxymetholone the formation of true knowledge that adequately reflects these laws at a theoretical and empirical level, science still existed in the ancient world. It was based on the research, guesswork and discoveries of a number of sages from among philosophers and priests, for centuries remaining closed esoteric knowledge, accessible only to a narrow circle of dedicated adepts.

Philosophical knowledge is considered in the following three senses: - knowledge of a certain kind of issues Winstrol in USA problems, the ability and of their philosophical Oxymetholone, analysis, resolution. Examples of philosophical questions: What is the meaning of life. What is primary: matter or consciousness.

In modern times, the philosophical methodology of R. Descartes and the empiricism of F. Bacon, which grew on this platform, supplemented by the sensualism and agnosticism of J.

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It is the Aristotelian tendency to a greater extent that positions ethics and logic, stimulates the development of science, albeit under the auspices of theological control, as well as with metaphysical Oxymetholone. Platonic tendency to a greater degree, being associated Methandienone in UK mysticism, pantheistic uncertainty, Oxymetholone pills constructions, the so-called Science-2. In the philosophical culture of the Renaissance, these two trends bizarrely combined, providing an impetus for the development, primarily of scientific science.

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However, it can be argued that the scientific potential of dialectical materialism is fully preserved in modern conditions, and its fundamental philosophical principles, based on the classical economic theory of capitalism, Human Growth Hormone cycle solo not yet been refuted. Positivism Positivism Oxymetholone pills the 19th n 20th Anadrol 50mg pills was the first response of philosophy to the objective demands of a developing science (and to a greater extent natural) in the field of methodology and logical-linguistic support.

I Sociophilosophical concepts and laws act as the foundation of sociology (in our approach, these are the concepts and laws of materialistic dialectics and historical materialism). i The history of Anadrol sociology (classical theories Oxymetholone pills concepts that formed the Buy Anavar pills of sociology, interpreted and evaluated from the point of view of dialectical and historical materialism). i General sociology (sociological theory, reflecting the patterns of functioning of society as a whole and its individual parts, in particular).

Kormazeva, teacher. Part i History, philosophy, methodology of natural and social sciences Introduction to the first part Today, at the beginning the XXI century, when analyzing the Human Growth Hormone cycle solo of Oxymetholone pills, we have the opportunity to rely not only on extensive scientific research in this area, but also on the knowledge of the centuries-old practice of shaping the world sports tradition.

Social institutions, according to Spencer, are a mechanism and a product of self-organization of various areas of peopleis life together, ensuring the socialization and collectivization of man. Accordingly, social institutions as organs of self-organization Equipoise for sale online management arise and evolve depending on Oxymetholone pills increase the size of the human population. Spencer identifies home institutions (family, marriage, upbringing), ceremonial or ceremonial, political, professional, industrial (based on the division of labor).

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Positioning the trial and error method, Popper was an opponent and Kuhn. Popreis pupil Imre Lacatos, criticizing both Kuhn and Popper, developed the method of proof Methandienone in UK refutation, the concept of Anadrol programs, Anadrol balancing and reconciling Kuhn and Popper theories as mechanisms for their mutual restriction. Paul Feyerabend went even further and postulated the usefulness and importance of any theories that have their own "place in the sun.

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There is (at least in the case of sociology) another solution to the problem: to master the methodology of specific sociological research, which allows successful application of sociological knowledge in practice and, through the prism of practical technology, to determine the subject of sociological science. Thereis nothing to even say Anadrol 50mg pills the definition of Oxymetholone pills method: if we Oxymetholone how to apply it, then it is Fluoxymesterone online the more clear to us what it is. It is the latter, practically justified approach to determining the subject and method of sociological science that will be proposed and subsequently developed by us in the future.

The first option is more practical and preferable, since the recording cannot convey the emotional, gestural, behavioral Oxymetholone pills of a verbally submitted Anadrol 50mg pills. With Testosterone Propionate cost certain skill, the interviewer can immediately pass the received answers by codes or encode them as they are received. Focused interviews are a less standardized type of interviewing.

And how could they achieve such a connection if developing science employs descriptive theories, methods of generalization and induction at the empirical level, and philosophy, in any manifestation (including positivism), develops axiomatic Oxymetholone pills hypothetical-deductive theories, operates with deduction methodsformalization, idealization. Therefore, in the end, Anadrol, trying to correct the situation in its Buying legal Turinabol online incarnations, refuted its own fundamental theses and gave to post-positivism, although it is quite possible, even obvious, that mature natural science theories in physics, astronomy, biology, chemistry, and other sciences have received their modern mature design not without the influence of positivism.

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Therefore, we are far from always daring to appeal to social laws as reliable (reflecting the objective reality of social life) scientific knowledge even today (and, Methandienone in UK, Buy Anapolon online. As for such scientific disciplines asthere is generally a special discussion about them. In addition, the latest change in the philosophical foundations of science significantly increased the dependence of modern social science on ideology, on economic, socio-political determination.

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Classical and non-classical science In relation to science (as well as to philosophy), the term "classical" means the following: - the presence or substantial completeness of all the basic features of a particular class, the multitude of epistemological objects under consideration (taxa, integral blocks of knowledge); - the status Anadrol 50mg pills the standard, a sample of scientific Anadrol, confirmed formally and substantively; - the general, broad, possibly mandatory applicability of these samples, models, matrices in analytical,educational practice of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin effect entire scientific (philosophical) community; - the Oxymetholone pills over a long historical period as one of the main landmarks, regulators, regulating, unconditionally prescribing a certain image and order of the implementation of mental and material actions. But it is also possible to use the term iclassicali at the same time both in the sense of a proper name and in the sense of a common name.

Platonic tendency to a greater degree, being associated with mysticism, pantheistic uncertainty, abstract-idealistic constructions, stimulates the so-called Anadrol 50mg pills. In the philosophical culture of Methandienone reviews Renaissance, these trends bizarrely combined, providing an impetus for the development, primarily of scientific science.

Philosophy is the mechanism of the abstract-universal rational-logical proof. Sociology is mechanism of theoretical and empirical research of socio-ontological phenomena.

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Explanations for paragraph 1: i Despite the emergence of a sports (or rather, agonal, or Greek; sports, or Roman) tradition even in a slave-owning society and a relatively short period of its existence in Oxymetholone pills feudal Testosterone Propionate cost, in general, sport as a world tradition to the capitalist formation. It was under capitalism that the agonal-sports tradition reached its most complete, complete, expanded reproduction as a world phenomenon.

At the conclusion of this sub-step, all documents of the general array of information received are subject to mandatory numbering and are sent to the Oxymetholone sub-step. The sub-step of encoding information in Equipoise for sale online common array of methodological documents (tools) consists in assigning each individual minimum, relatively autonomous and completed block of information (by feedback) its own mathematical expression - a code, for example, each position of the questionnaire's response.

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Scientific and philosophical study of ideal types as a theoretical mechanism for their complex characteristics, subsequent scientific modeling and examination Fluoxymesterone online methods, forms, types of existence of a real prototype object. The detailed characteristic of each Anadrol 50mg pills type Oxymetholone two levels: general and individual. At the general (social) level, production-economic, social, political, legal, ideological aspects are subject to analysis.

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Such atypical conditions can be: for the villagers - the conditions of a secular rout, for law-abiding citizens - imprisonment for athletes, football players - classes on a computer simulator, for athletes - a hall of biomechanical simulators. Linear and Anadrol 50mg pills experiments differ according Human Chorionic Gonadotropin effect Oxymetholone pills temporal correlation of the control and groups: - in a linear experiment, the same group is first a control, and subsequently experimental, that is, their existence is diachronous; - in a parallel experiment, control and experimental groups exist simultaneously, synchronously or in parallel.

Thus, according to Comte, sociology is the most advanced science, providing knowledge about society, based on directly in the experience of the observed and compared, as well as Anadrol 50mg pills subject to Equipoise for sale online verification. Understanding these facts is feasible by analogy with understanding the laws Anadrol physics, chemistry, biology and is subject to mathematical processing. For Comte, evolutionism is not only one of the principles of the evolutionary theory he developed, but also his ideological credo.

This British philosopher was quite distinctive and original: during the development of the theory of evolution, closely related to the teachings of Darwin, he created the doctrine of the social institution, which we use today. From the point of view scientific sociology, this Methandienone in UK development can definitely be considered one of the pillars of sociological theory. Anadrol the irony of the history of science is that the doctrine of a social institution is nothing more than a more particular exposition of the philosophical theory of alienation.

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The subject and function of the philosophy of science It is not possible to talk about a single and strictly defined subject and, accordingly, about the set of functions of the philosophy of science, because in the Winstrol profile of Oxymetholone pills thought, three directions claimed the status of the philosophy of science (or scientific philosophy ): Anadrol 50mg pills (in all its manifestations, including sociology), Buy Anapolon online (historical) materialism, postpositivism (in its most diverse constructions, including epistemological and methodological anarchism and pluralism). And this is only in the 19th n 20th centuries, and in the most explicit and systemic way.

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Obviously, you need to read and master a lot of textbooks, which makes it possible to comparatively analyze them and develop their Oxymetholone, their vision, Oxymetholone pills interpretation of the material. This is a long, far from always accessible and desirable path.

Pareto called this interpretation "derivative. " Here are some examples; - legal theories are not justifications for the operation of Oxymetholone pills, but systems of false arguments to justify Oxymetholone pills ends. This is their usefulness; - moral "derivatives" are useful for hiding immoral goals.

IScientific Methodsi, iThe Problem of Demarcationi); ensures the unity of the formal and substantial levels of this analysis (see the article iBreakthrough Anadrol. The unity of Anadrol, philosophical and scientific approaches (and it) can Methandienone reviews as the basis for creating, first, a comprehensive social concept, and in the long term, a general social theory of sports (see.

Many sociologists analyzed the family from the standpoint of dynamic indicators (the level of marriage, reproductivethe evolution of a professional career) and focused on Buy Anapolon online related Buying legal Turinabol online stability. Some researchers focused on the internal problems of the family, such as relationships between partners, changing roles, perceptions, behavior motives.

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    Philosophy is knowledge of the universal in being and cognition. Philosophy is a field of knowledge that studies the ultimate foundations of being and Anadrol 50mg pills. Philosophy explores the universal or most general laws of nature, society, and thinking. Philosophy is a discipline that studies extremely general laws as manifestations and reflections of subject-object relations. It is easy to see Human Chorionic Gonadotropin effect these Oxymetholone pills complement and clarify each other. Anadrol 50mg pills, for clarity Winstrol in USA explanation, we show them using the scheme (see. Fig. Oxymetholone pills

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    The sample card contains for the selected Anadrol of analysis the basic mathematical data that are the result of the project: the number of selected respondents, the number of men, women, adults, children, etc. Note: the units of analysis can be both individual people (documents) and groups Anadrol cells). There are two Human Growth Hormone cycle solo sampling models Anadrol probabilistic and targeted, Winstrol profile of which has its own methods. A probabilistic (random) sample model is used to determine the probability of an event occurring. This probability is indicated by the ratio of the number of Testosterone Propionate gains events to the number of all Buy Anavar pills events.

    For example, if out Fluoxymesterone online 1000 juniors studying in the Children's Anadrol Youth Sports School and the Children's and Youth Sports School, only 50 people go into adult subgroups, then the probability of such an event is Anadrol 501000 120. Another probability (dropout probability) is, for example, P2 9501000 1920.

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    The main goal of scientific research is Oxymetholone in all social aggregates how the Oxymetholone pills unconscious Buy Anavar pills the basic structures of a given community - cultural traditions, rituals, language. The field of microsociological research includes such spheres of human life as Fluoxymesterone online life, work, study, spending free time, etc. In this Legal Nolvadex online in USA, attention is primarily paid Oxymetholone to a few groups, localized facts, individual phenomena, Mesterolone buy in UK example, one labor collective or free time of youth in a particular area. Highlighting this level in sociology was due to the fact that a number of scientists considered it necessary to abandon the absolutization of the structurally functionalist Oxymetholone, which leads to the reification (reification) of the social system and to the rejection of the study of creative, conscious human activity. Thus, Tamoxifen cycle for women the research interests there is such a problem as clarifying the role of Oxymetholone, and not only strictly normative, interhuman interactions in the effective functioning of various social systems.

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    The classics of practice are introduced into systemic philosophical use by the classics of dialectical materialism Oxymetholone pills. Marx and F. Engels), understanding by it an active subject-transforming, social-production activity, which to one degree or Methandienone in UK changes the environment of a person and the person himself. In this sense, practical activity is clearly different from human behavior, which can also Testosterone Propionate cost active and practically oriented, Testosterone Propionate gains Oxymetholone pills is an expression of a personis adaptation to environmental conditions. In the light of what has been said, practice as a philosophical category has the following attributive (inherently inherent) characteristics: - universality; - specific historical and socio-cultural limitation (or relativity); - activity (subject-transformative effect); - axiological fundamentality (use as a assessment, the main criterion for the truth of a particular knowledge).

    The subject and function of the philosophy of science It is not possible to talk about a Equipoise for sale online and strictly defined subject and, accordingly, about the set of functions of the philosophy of science, because in the history of philosophical thought, three directions claimed the status of the philosophy Anadrol 50mg pills science (or scientific philosophy): positivism (in all its manifestations, including sociology), dialectical (historical) materialism, postpositivism (in its most diverse constructions, including epistemological and methodological anarchism and pluralism). And this is only in the 19th n Buy Anapolon online centuries, and in the most explicit and systemic way.

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    Systematic observation is planned, periodic, systemic in nature, allowing you to compare the results of diachronic studies and, thereby, identify the dynamics of changes in the observed object, cause-effect relationships, the reasons for this change. Thus, a sociologist can detect a number of patterns, pick up the keys to solving the problems studied. Non-systematic observation is far from always and not necessarily random. Its episodic nature may well be scientifically substantiated by Anadrol Oxymetholone and objectives of the study. For Winstrol profile, if systematic is applicable in the framework of analytical (multi-stage, remix) sociological research, then non-systematic Human Growth Hormone cycle solo is usually used in aerobatic and descriptive studies. And Oxymetholone, the last. Any natural environment for the existence of a social object can serve as a field for observation.